Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Overnights

Whether you’re at work or away on vacation, you will have peace of mind knowing your furry family will be safe, loved and well taken care of in the comfort of their own home. I started this company because I did not feel comfortable leaving my dog in kennels. They are noisy, confining, (often unsanitary), and lack the individual attention and care I wanted for my dog. Additionally, as a trainer, I understood the psychological, let alone physical, impact a negative encounter with another dog could have on my dog. I now no longer have any pets of my own and can provide unlimited care to yours!

Dog Walking

When you are away at work, rest assured knowing your dogs are being loved and exercised while you are away. Your dogs look forward to these visits and I look forward to being with them as if they were my own! Services also include changing the water in the bowls, feedings (if needed), taking in packages, and providing lots of exercise, fun, play and affection for your pups. You may opt to have your dog played with in a yard or your home instead of a walk. I am happy to accommodate your wishes!

Visits are either 20 or 30 minutes, including the actual walk which lasts approximately 15-25 minutes. Length of time for the actual walk varies based upon weather, how well he or she walks on leash and other walking conditions.

Pet Sitting

As opposed to “Dog Walking” visits, Pet Sitting services are for people who are away for extended periods of time while on vacation or work trips. Additional basic services are listed below (but can be tailored for your needs):

Basic Pet Care:

Provide food/water; play/exercise/love, dog walks; cleanup of litter boxes, pet “accidents’, etc., administer medications, emergency vet care if needed.

Home Care:

Take in mail and packages, water plants, empty pool filter, altering of lights, curtains to provide a lived in feel, put trash and recycling to the curb and back.


Overnights are for people who prefer to have a person sleeping overnight in their homes. This includes a minimum of 10 hours of care. If sitter needs to leave during that period, hours will be added to the beginning, end or during the day visits to ensure you receive at least 10 hours care. I will provide my own bedding (so you don’t have extra laundry to worry about!), food, etc. and provide all proper cleanup as needed. If needed (for customers out of town multiple consecutive days on vacation for example), customer will then pay for however many “drop-in” pet sitting visits desired throughout the course of the day. See “Pet Sitting” above for the services included in these drop-in visits.

Exclusive Limited Boarding (my home)

Your pets will be treated as if they are my own in my clean, quiet home that abuts the Chickamauga National Park. I have a 4-camera Ring security system, large fenced back yard, with lots of hiking trail options for your dogs. I limit boarding to 1 family’s pets at a time. On rare occasions, I will board a second family’s dogs but ONLY if I know the dogs are dog-friendly and will have no issues. I also have separate rooms devoted to cats if they need separate space.

For all services above, notes will be left at residence. This will serve as a means of communication for non emergency information.

Why Hire Me and Not Use Rover, Wags, or Other Apps?

Apps may sound like a convenient way to get your pet care needs met, but you run the risk of hiring someone who does not have dedicated experience in caring for animals. They may be friendly and love animals, but you simply do not know if they will know what to do in an emergency situation. Can they recognize warning signs of things such as heat stroke, bloat, and other life threatening medical issues? Do they know how to walk an anxious dog and what to do when encountering other dogs? Because I’m a certified dog trainer and have over 20 years experience working with animals, I know how to handle unexpected situations and am dedicated to caring for your animals as if they were my own.