Dog Training and Behavior Modification

Rose training dogs

Does your furry friend need some behavior modification? Do you:

  • wonder why your dog behaves as he does?
  • need help with leash-pulling, lunging, and excessive barking?
  • believe your dog is suffering from separation anxiety or aggression issues?
  • want your adult dog to not be fearful in the real world?
  • need help with your new puppy to prevent bad, lifelong habits from forming?

Have you already tried dog training with no lasting results? Did the trainer spend lots of time talking but not giving you valuable options to solving the unwanted behaviors? My name is Rose Dybel and I can help you.

Help with Behavior Modification

When people call me they are often very frustrated. Some of these dog owners are one step away from surrendering their dog to a shelter due to unruly behavior. Usually, these people have tried standard obedience training, which was effective at teaching commands, but the dog is still engaging in problem behaviors. These unwanted behaviors usually stem from fear, anxiety and/or dominance issues. So while the dog might know commands, he still has underlying issues that need to be addressed because most trainers simply are not educated on the “why” of the behavior and do not know how to help correct them. Ultimately, you could end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and countless hours in training, but still have behavioral issues with your dog.

Obedience Training isn’t Enough

In just one session, I educate you on the “why” associated with your dog’s behavior. You can then use these concepts and new understanding of the behavior to bridge the communication gap between you and your dog. You will learn about the psychology of the behavior, natural canine instincts, and how to read body language and use your own energy to effectively modify the dog’s behavior. By understanding WHY your dog is behaving in a certain way, you can often achieve the desired behavior from your dog by changing how you interact with him.

If you have not had any training for your dog yet, I can save you hundreds of dollars by teaching you a few concepts that apply to all commands.  With this knowledge, you can then do the training on your own time and in your own home. This training will consist of using verbal markers combined with positive reinforcement.

Achieving Changes in Behavior Where it Exists

It is in the home environment and neighborhood–and with persons living with the dog–where the problem behaviors usually begin and exist. By evaluating the home environment and the way the dog is interacting with the humans and other dogs in the home, I can make recommendations and provide tools to manage the unwanted behavior. Consistency is very important in dog training. Everyone in the dog’s home really needs to understand and participate in order to achieve the desired changes in behavior.

Rose welcomes the opportunity to help you communicate with your canine friends in ways that they understand. Those of the canine species are not little humans dressed in furry suits, contrary to what many people believe.  Once you understand how to speak their language, a whole new, more positive relationship can develop!

Cartoon Man Walking Dog