Rose Dybel

Rose Dybel is more than just your average dog walker and pet sitter. When she graduated college with her major in criminal justice and minor in psychology, she never could have anticipated that her passion for dogs and her formal college education would intertwine.

She took her knowledge of psychology and combined it with her passion for dogs and became a certified dog trainer with the  International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).  The IACP has awarded her the Dog Training Foundation Certification (DTFC). This means she has demonstrated a high standard of knowledge on such important canine issues as ethology, husbandry, behavior modification, classical and operant conditioning, training tools and ethics.

She worked for many years in law in various capacities in Virginia, Massachusetts and Hawaii. She was a court manager, corrections officer, and gaming inspector. Later, she found herself semi-retired and looking for a “fun” job.  Having spent the last 20+ years doing pet care for extra income, she realized it was a natural fit for her to join the pet care team of From Wags to Whiskers, Inc in Virginia Beach, VA where she began doing dog walking and pet sitting. She took great interest in canine behavior, realizing how it paralleled much of her prior education and work experience. She then furthered her education to become the company’s lead certified dog trainer.

Rose began getting referrals from veterinarians in Virginia Beach to train dogs with behavioral issues, such as anxiety and aggression. She then relocated to Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, in 2020 and started her own pet care company, to include dog walking, pet sitting, overnight pet care, and dog training. She has formed relationships with area veterinarians and is blessed to have found her way to this beautiful area of the country to work with dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds and all of God’s creatures.

Every dog, cat and pet is unique with individual needs. Your pets’ happiness, physical safety, and overall well-being is paramount in importance! Rose has been certified in pet first aid and CPR, so you can be rest assured, knowing your pets are in the very best hands!